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Paulo Leça

Oh, hello!

I am an undergraduate student in Mathematics at UFPE, Brazil. My main interests are in Category Theory, Commutative Algebra, Representation Theory, and Algebraic Topology, but I am also interested in some parts of General Topology, Logic and Computer Science.

For more details, see my Curriculum Vitae [CV]

My hobbies are learning languages, DIY and some more stuff.

What I'm doing now (2020.1)

Algebra 2
Probability 2
Commutative Algebra
Global Differential Geometry
Undergrad. Thesis

Independent Studies:
Measure Theory
Learning Russian


Even in knowing I feel only my will's lust to beget and to become; and if there is innocence in my knowledge, then this happens because the will to beget is in it. - Friedrich Nietzsche

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